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                                      Olson Commercial Cold Storage

For Lease Freezer Storage  in the  Freezer Building Warehouse: The 15,000 square feet of  freezer warehouse space in Ohio. Ohio Cold Storage Building For Lease - A Ohio Freezer and Cold Storage Warehouse for lease with refrigerated storage space with monthly freezer pallet storage space available and also for freezer space for lease in Northwest Ohio.The freezer warehouse space for lease is located in Defiance, Ohio. Defiance is located 35 miles east of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.The cold storage- freezer warehouse space for lease is 15,200 square feet with minus 15° freezer storage temperatures. There are 3 freezer rooms, a refrigerated staging area and 2 truck dock doors available for lease. The freezer warehouse space for lease is fully pallet racked, with 2,000 freezer pallet slot positions available for lease. 600 freezer pallet slot positions have 65 inch openings, and there are 600 freezer pallet slots have 78 inch to 81 inch slot openings. There is a Blast Freezer capable of blast freezing 80,000 pounds of food products in 48 hours. The refrigerated staging area is 70 feet deep and temperature capabilities of 34° to 37°. This Ohio refrigerated warehouse freezer space for lease is 15,200 square feet with minus 15° storage temperatures for food products. The freezer warehouse space for lease is in Ohio Cold Storage's refrigerated cold storage warehouse building.

Also there is cooler warehouse storage and refrigerated food processing warehouse space for lease is available for lease in the Ohio Cold Storage location.There are 4,900 cooler pallet positions available with storage temperature capabilities of +28° to +40°. There is refrigerated cross docking  and cold storage warehouse services available at this Ohio location. An industrial cold storage building in Ohio. An industrial refrigeration and cold storage building in Ohio for lease or for sale.

For further information contact Jim Cronin at Olson Cold Storage, phone 314-994-0577 or email of j.cronin@olsoncold.com