A Public Refrigerated Warehousing Company

                                      Olson Commercial Cold Storage

Olson Commercial Cold Storage operates a 120,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse facility located in a 25 acre industrial park located in Defiance, Ohio.Olson Commercial Cold Storage is a refrigerated warehouse company in Ohio. The public warehousing business provides monthly freezer storage services. The food grade facility is a USDA ID inspected warehouse.Olson Cold Storage is a certified USDA import and export facility. The refrigerated warehousing operation is also ABI inspected, American Baking Institute certified.The freezer warehouse and cooler warehouse area is serviced by 2 refrigerated truck dock and staging areas. The public warehouse facility has 9 truck dock doors. The refrigerated warehouse building is completely pallet racked with ceiling heights from 14 to 42 feet.Temperatures available in the refrigerated warehouse storage area are temperature controlled storage of 55° to 60°, and cooler warehouse storage of 45° to 32°, and freezer warehouse storage of 0° to -10°. There is +28°  Warehouse storage available on request.

The public refrigerated warehousing operation maintains a American Sanitation Institute (ASI) certification. Olson Cold Storage is also a USDA ID inspected public refrigerated warehouse.

Olson Cold Storage is located adjacent to State Highway 24, which is a newly constructed 4 lane state highwaydirectly east of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.The Olson Cold Storage building is 120,000 ft.² of freezer warehouse storage, cooler warehouse storage and dry warehouse storage for monthly pallet storage warehouse services.