A Public Refrigerated Warehousing Company

Public refrigerated warehousing services

Freezer warehouse area for cold storage services in Defiance, Ohio

Pallet storage and handling of refrigerated and frozen food products and food ingredients to include freezer warehouse storage, cooler warehouse storage, and 55° temperature controlled storage always billed on a monthly basis. Case picking and order selection available with all public refrigerated warehouse programs.

Providing monthly freezer pallet storage services for refrigerated, cooler and frozen food grade products and food product ingredients to include full pallet handling services, as well as case picking services available. Value Added warehousing services such as retail display assembly are available. Freezer warehouse services available.Olson Cold Storage provides the highest level of personalized service available in cold storage the Northwest Ohio.

                                      Olson Commercial Cold Storage

Value Added warehousing services available to include, retail display assembly, case picking, freezing services, labeling, re boxing, product tempering and high-volume SKU intensive order picking warehouse services, as well as cross docking.

Product tempering services were freezer pallet storage of food ingredients are taken from freezer temperatures to refrigerated storage temperatures.

Olson Cold's  freezer pallet warehouse services location in Ft. Wayne annual audit of one refrigerated warehouse customer an annual throughput of 67,000,000 pounds with only 1/2 pound of variance over the year of 2014.

Certified by the USDA for import and export warehouse services. Refrigerated warehouse space in Ohio.